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Hi, Assalamualaikum. Saya sayang "gulahati" saya, saya perlukan "gulahati" saya, walaupun kekadang buat perangai jugak. mihmihmih :love:

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    stranded :)
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 • Permalink • Add comment {0}
    Even it's hard to smile,
    but i'm still trying, 
    don't ask me why i'm being like this, 
    don't refer me why i'm going to be like this, 
    just said "i'll be fine soon"
    and i really appreciate it, 
    small drop linking on my cheeks, 
    it's just a drop, 
    soon it'll be away,
    said me. 

    i'm hurt, 
    but i'll be fine, 
    i'm sorrow , 
    but indeed it's called life , 
    i'm scared . 
    but it'was part of life , 
    i'm cry . 
    but i'll be history , 

    That me :) 

    p/s : some poem refer on their lifestyle , but me , it's just part of my knowledgeable .