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Hi, Assalamualaikum. Saya sayang "gulahati" saya, saya perlukan "gulahati" saya, walaupun kekadang buat perangai jugak. mihmihmih :love:

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    If I'm in pain .
    Saturday, October 15, 2011 • Permalink • Add comment {0}
    If I in pain,
    I’ll said it by myself “myra, just stop crying, everything gonna be okey”
    At a moment, I can smile again,
    But when this pain become too much,
    I decided to side tightly at da wall,
    Start to cry alone, my crying become worse than ever,
    My eyes become swollen,
    I started crying alone, crying and crying,
    Until I felt asleep,
    That is how I manage my pain alone,
    But now,
    I lost in darkness,
    I trying to find it by myself,
    I wanna him to hold me tight,
    I wanna him to grab my hand and said “everything gonna be okey”
    But, I don’t want to make any troublesome anymore,
    It’s okey if I in pain,
    But I won’t let him ever in pain because of me again,
    Did you know, how much I fallen in love with you,
    How care I am for you,
    I didn’t know right?
    It’s good for you,
    But remember one thing,
    When you need me, I’m gonna hold you tight,
    I’m gonna grab your hand,
    I’m gonna cry with you,
    I wanna felt your pain,
    Trust me,
    Just give me your pain and let me carry on your burden away,
    Don’t care about me,
    I’m fine , I’m always fine as long you stay with me,
    I don’t care about my pain,
    As long you there for me.
    I love you and that gonna be forever.

    just stay calm , and i'll be with you :)

    NotaKaki : Myra AyreeN try work out on poem agains :)