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Hi, Assalamualaikum. Saya sayang "gulahati" saya, saya perlukan "gulahati" saya, walaupun kekadang buat perangai jugak. mihmihmih :love:

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    After Raining Day
    Thursday, August 18, 2011 • Permalink • Add comment {0}
    Serious , people said RAINING is making so much troublesome, but for me .. raining day are meant to be there were a few distant gonna happen , people get hot when sunlight appears , but when raining some of them just looked at the sky and say's , THANK GOD . giving us raining ..

    our relationships gonna be that way , sometimes we got argue each other but some how , we can making a hole day colorful as we dosent get thought at all .. be the first or be the last , 2 thing without any compromises . trust me , u will be happy with me ? darllll ! everyone can say that but this is my swear , u gonna be happy with me ...  

    Just take me has what you are and gonna like what you done